Electronic frauds: Phishing and other habitual scams

Today there is a large number of electronic frauds that are used by criminals to steal personal data and money from users who use the Internet every day. Although there are many ways to prevent this, from the common sense to the use of antivirus software, los cyberdelincuentes always find new ways to realize their crimes.

Many of the electronic frauds are based on phishing, which is a form of impersonation to impersonate an entity and steal sensitive information. In general, criminals who use phishing to steal information carry out social engineering techniques, usually by posing as bank agents, companies or even family members and friends, in order to obtain the required information.

Phishing attacks can be classified according to the objective against which the attack is directed, the purpose or medium that is used, or according to the mode of operation. If a person is the victim of a phishing attack, it is necessary to report it to the authorities and, depending on the information stolen, it could be a good idea to carry out a computer expert in order to be able to deal with those responsible and make them able to face the law, or request , in his case, from reparation of the stolen amount to the entity that had not put all the means of security in its systems.

What is Spyware?

Another data theft technique is spyware, which is based on the use of malicious software that collects information from the device, including bank data, personal data, passwords, audio and video files, etc.

This type of malware can be used on computers, tablets or smartphones. due to being it is very recommendable to avoid installing programs or applications from unknown sources that have a bad reputation or that are hosted on websites with bad reviews.

What does Pharming consist of?

This type of cyber attack or cyber scam develops from phishing. In this case, an attacker intends to redirect web traffic, especially request data, to a fraudulent website. This is done through the exploitation of security vulnerabilities in domain name systems (DNS), or in the computers of the same users, which allow pirates to redirect a domain name to another different machine.

In this way, a user who enters a certain number of a domain that has been redirected, accesses from his Internet explorer to the web page that the attacker has specified.

It is necessary to be very careful when browsing the Internet, because you can always be a victim of computer criminals by installing applications on your computer that may contain malware, ransomware or other types of viruses that can damage your computer and steal sensitive information.

It is always necessary to keep an updated antivirus and security systems to navigate the Internet, there are tools already offered by most antivirus systems.

In the same way, if you have been the victim of a computer scam, it is prudent to consult with a collegiate computer expert to obtain an assessment of the problem and a budget if you need to know more about it and even be able to know who was the attacker or recover what was stolen .

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