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Do you remember the diskettes? – Blog

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The diskette or flexible disk is a magnetic type data storage support, it is formed by a final circular sheet (disk) of a magnetizable and flexible material. It is enclosed in a square or rectangular plastic case.

If used in computers as a boot disk or to store and save files, although its capacity in the first versions did not exceed 2 MB.

To be able to read the contents of the diskette, a diskette, diskette unit or flexible disk unit (FDD, Floppy Disk Drive in English) was needed, being the unit that can read and write the disks.

As with cassettes, this type of storage is vulnerable to dirt and external magnetic fields, so it wears out over time.

In 1967, IBM ordered the development of a simple and cheap system to be able to load micro code into the System/370 of its central computers, located in the development and storage center of San José, California.

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