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Thanks to estos servicios online based on the IA from what we have been talking about for the last few weeks, we can generate elements like texts or drawings automatically. All this thanks to the intelligent capabilities that these platforms present to us and that have visions of continuing to improve. There are various companies that are entering this sector and that each time offer us more professional and advanced projects.

In fact, in the same lines we are going to talk about some interesting alternative proposals ChatGPT. This is the platform based on artificial intelligence perhaps the best known, but not the best. For example, we must keep in mind that all the information that this platform houses is up to the past year 2021. There are many companies and developers who are working on their own projects based on IA to provide us with all kinds of help and utilities.

To give you an idea, some of these services are starting to focus on serving as substitutes for the all-powerful Google search engine. It is certain that it will not be a simple objective, but they want to serve online help to all types of users.


Here we find a powerful alternative to the aforementioned ChatGPT that is characterized by some interesting advantages. Para empezar, os diremos que los datos que nos ofrece están mucho más will update. In fact, it is able to work online and thus update all the data that we are providing in real time. In addition, we allow you to generate content such as images and we will offer the possibility of interacting with the platform by voice.


We have the possibility to create new projects centered on the conversation and store them for later consultation if so desired. Likewise, we will have a section of images that are generated from the texts that we type.


Many of the alternatives that are currently appearing want to make it clear that the data they offer is perfectly up to date. In this way, what is intended is to detach from the aforementioned ChatGPT and become a real solution for those looking for a Some alternative and sufficiently powerful. Another of the proposals worth trying is Mindgrasp.

Here we must keep in mind that it is a platform based on artificial intelligence for which we will have to pay either monthly or annually.


Perplexity AI

There is another alternative to ChatGPT that you can use yourself register, so we can use it directly. Generate content on all types of queries and cite the source from which the information was obtained. We will also have a section of topics related to what we are interested in at that moment. We allow you to ask a simple question or complete conversations with follow-up on part of your IA.

Perplexity AI


This is a platform based on artificial intelligence specially dedicated to the creators of content in the form of blogs, among others. We say this because IA allows us to generate content of this type in an efficient way. So, we can use it to write ideas for blogs, create speeches, advertising editorials, electronic mail and more.

For that, we just need to go to their website and create an account to start using it. We have the possibility to choose an idiom, to specify the topic or the key words.

It should be mentioned that it can be used for free, although it also offers Premium plans to have more advanced tools.


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