Discover how to buy the best funeral centers in Spain

When you have an event as unexpected and sad as the death of a family member or loved one, the funeral procedures are very tedious and the least you want to think about, however, is something necessary and it is important to take time to avoid spending dinero de más o llevarse otro type of sorpresa.

It is common to use floral decorations for funerals, where centers, branches, crowns, palms, crosses, among other arrangements are commonly used. There are many companies that sell this type of product, but some can sell with better or lower quality than others.

It is important to see various options when thinking about buying funeral centers to choose the best option at a reasonable price, and to avoid being victims of abusers who take advantage of the success to take advantage.

In Urgent Coronas, different types of arrangements are offered, such as crowns, palms and crosses, branches, or centers, which can help loved ones or family members express their grief in a traditional and respectful way.

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In the case of funeral homes, they are usually sent in the form of wreaths of flowers, but due to the fact that many times it is not so striking, they can be exchanged for flower centers or funeral crosses.

The centers are made with fan flowers, almohadones, palms or funeral crosses. Se puede elegir entre varios tamaños, de independente de la form que tenga each floral arrangement. Among the arrangements that highlight the work of Coronas Urgentes are roses, lilies, orchids, chrysanthemums, gerberas, among others.


For the case of the crowns, it is possible to send the flowers to the funeral home in a very simple way. Just choose the crown of flowers from the online catalog, fill in the form and make the corresponding payment. After this, Coronas Urgentes will be in charge of the confection and delivery of an urgent form.

It should be mentioned that each flower has a specific meaning for a funeral, so that flowers that are not common in this type of act are used, could cause contradiction or controversy. Some of the flowers most used in funerals are:


Chrysanthemums have their oldest references in China and Greece. In China, it symbolizes humility, austerity, altruism, longevity and wisdom, while in Greece, it represented gold, the sun, what is eternal.


Giving gifts at a funeral can express a close and close relationship with the deceased. White roses mean innocence, while pink roses express appreciation and gratitude. Finally, the red roses refer to love, but especially when the relationship with the fall was romantic.


The carnations at the funerals indicate pride, fascination and beauty. But it is necessary to be careful because its different colors can have different connotations, like the white carnation, which represents purity, innocence, honesty, pure and sincere love, while the yellow carnation expresses disappointment, rejection and inclusion can come to communicate contempt and offensive


It could be the flower most used in funeral arrangements, but in the past it was a gift that was given to victorious gladiators, due to its elegance and tall stature. Gladiolus is the flower of sincerity, strength, honor, memories and affection.

Lilium or Azucenas

It is another typical flower of condolences. In white color, his symbol of purity and innocence of the soul, which is hoped that the deceased will have before God in the Christian tradition. But also this flower can express other feelings according to its variety of colors, so it must be chosen carefully: yellows mean happiness in love, gratitude and joy, while reds denote passionate love, on the other hand, oranges show contempt y poco respeto

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