Digital payments: what are they and what are their advantages

Aunque ya llevaban varios años existingiendo, los will pay digital They began to become more popular when the pandemic started, because they allowed contactless shopping in stores or supermarkets, as well as making online orders easier and safer.

If you still do not fully understand how digital payments work or what their advantages are, here we explain it.

How do digital payments work?

lose will pay digital, as their number indicates, are the ones that are carried out via the Internet or mobile apps with the aim of speeding up financial processes without leaving the comfort of your home. Thanks to the fact that more and more companies are betting on investing in this type of payment, the security of your data and money is guaranteed, even more than when making a cash payment.

There are different types of digital payments:

Credit or debit cards

Although we are all familiar with cards, not all people have a bank account in their name, or rather, they have but prefer to use cash.

The bank cards have evolved and, if you can still insert your card in a physical terminal to make a transaction, the most recommendable thing is to use the digital card of your account.

The digital card is much more secure because the security code changes continuously, which protects your money much more and prevents your card from being used in case of cloning or theft.

There are also online platforms where, in a safe and private way, you can create an account and save all the information on your cards to pay online in a fast and safe way.

QR Code

One of them will pay digital more known is the QR, with which you only have to scan the code to make a transaction from your smartphone.

One of the benefits of the QR code is that it works both for companies, medium and small businesses, as well as consumers, because it facilitates commercial transactions and makes them more accessible to all.

Mobile applications

The financial mobile apps are the ones that have become more popular since the beginning of the pandemic and, in turn, the banks have invested in improving their applications to offer more services to their clients in this environment, including having video calls with advisors to solve a problematic

This type of payment also includes superapps, which, as their name indicates, have the objective of making a wide range of services available to users, from finance, e-commerce to entertainment. Although in Mexico the superapps are still not very well known, little by little interesting proposals are emerging that promise to facilitate the viewing of people.

As we can observe, let’s advantages of digital payments they are many and varied:

  • Greater security of financial data
  • Fast and convenient transactions
  • More accessibility to banking services
  • Menos tiempo perdido in branches
  • Contact will pay

lose will pay digital they are here to stay and continue evolving their service. Do you use them?

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