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Create your own avatar with this Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is available in practically any field that occurs to us. Not only can we create images based on a description, but we can also obtain texts using a few pointers. We can also make use of external resources to help certain Artificial Intelligences to perform their work. If we want to create our own avatar quickly and with incredible results, the number of Artificial Intelligence available is very wide and varied.

We can also use some of the different web pages that allow us to create avatars, avatars that we have to create manually by setting up all of the details of our face and body. Sin embargo, we will never get the same result as if we use one or several of our images so that the corresponding Artificial Intelligence is in charge of automatically generating different types of avatars according to the instructions we previously established.


Plask is one of the most complete tools for creating avatars of both the face and the whole body. This IA allows us to model the shape of the figure of our face and body and use an imagen nuestra representar el avatar. Despite being a tool completely freeit is necessary to have knowledge of 3D design or to have a lot of free time to be able to get the most out of it.

Pandora Avatar

Pandora Avatar is a payment platform with which we can create all types of personalized avatars using a base of 5 to 8 photographs that we must upload to the platform so that it analyzes our face and can make the best possible result and that really looks like us y no se trate de una imagen aleatorio que nada tiene que ver con nosotros.

Pandora Avatar

From the most economical plan, from the different ones that we offer, we are allowed to create only from the face. If we want to create an avatar of full body, we will have to opt for the more expensive plan. A pesar de ser una payment platformPandora Avatar is, without a doubt, one of the best options on the market to generate avatars using Artificial Intelligence.


Another interesting thing free which also includes payment plans, is PhotoAI, a platform that, based on different photographs of our face, is capable of generating artificial images in the form of an avatar to use on any platform. The results that this AI offers us are very realistic and really look more like a photograph than an image created using Artificial Intelligence.


With the ProfilePicture.AI platform we can create avatars of all types to use in our profile based on it more than 350 styles that we have at our disposal. This web analyzes the features of our face to create the personalized avatar that we are looking for based on the style that we have previously selected.

Profile Pictures AI

The cheapest plan has a price of 8 dollars, includes 12 styles and we can create up to 96 images of avatars in 512×512 resolution. If we run short, we can opt for the Big plan, which includes 35 styles and the creation of up to 280 avatars in HD resolution (1024×1024).

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