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Conoce lo que debes saber antes de crear una página web

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Talking about creating a website can seem simple, especially with the tools that exist online that promise to make things easier at the moment of developing a website, but when the process is already underway, puede resultar más complexo y tardado de lo que se cree.

To begin with, if you have to consider the design, in addition to the web positioning, which is an important point after the publication of the website. There are professional companies that are dedicated to improving the positioning of web pages, such as the case of SEOVALLADOLID.ES | Web Positioning and Design Agency.

To begin, we must know what type of website we need, some types are:

  • Shop online: A website specially designed for online sales. In this type of web site, the user enters and can choose their products from a catalog, which are added to a shopping cart and finally the payment process and shipment confirmation are completed.
  • Blog: If it is a site where articles or news are published on a recurring basis, like journalism or a newspaper, it can be used in conjunction with an online store or business website, via another URL.
  • Website: It can be divided into business or personal, being a page where you talk about the business, product or services that are offered, either at business or personal level.

Knowing what is to be developed, it is necessary to know what type of accommodation or hosting is required, which is the disk space in the server that will be used to store and publish the web page. The companies offer packages that include a certain amount of storage, server resources, electronic mail, among other interesting options. However, if you decide to hire a web designer, they will surely also offer you a hosting plan that can be adapted to the needs of your site.

Once you have in mind what you need, follow the development of the design, this is a complicated process if you want to hire an expert, because it requires both graphic design and web programming. The most recommendable thing if you don’t have technical knowledge is to hire a professional. One option can be web design company that can adapt to the needs of your business.

One point to consider in the process is the use of a CMS, which is one content manager It is a platform that allows you to administer the website in a more simple and graphic way, allowing you to add plugins to add functionality to the website.

Among the most popular CMSs is WordPress, which works perfectly for business websites or blogs, and with the use of add-ons or plugins, you can adapt a completely functional store.

If you only need an online store, you can opt for Magento, which specializes in this type of website.

You can request a consultation with a professional to help you choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

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