Bring your child’s favorite plush to life and have your own movie with it

Everything related to the multimedia sector of the software that we use on our PC, each time is more powerful and offers more advanced functions. Ahora, tras llegada de la Artificial intelligence a multitude of platforms and applications, we can get much more out of our photos, videos and animations.

Sure that over the last few months we have detected an important growth in the different platforms centered on the AI ​​that we have at our fingertips. Buena parte de todo ello in un principio vino giveno por el éxito de servicios como ChatGPT, although now things have gone much further. As we mentioned before, now AI has reached the multimedia sector, with which we will be able to obtain really spectacular results.

A clear example of all this we will show below with this platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows us to create our own animations through inanimate objects. For example, we can create animations using AI to entertain our children using their favorite stuffed animal. All of this in an extremely simple way and without the need to have advanced knowledge in this type of way multimedia tasks.

Evidently what we can achieve with this munness, is something that we can do with any other object. In this concrete case, what we’re trying to do is create a video that makes the little ones in the house smile because it’s based on their normally inanimate doll. Next, we will see what we need to achieve this objective that we discussed, all of it making use of an interesting IA platform.

How to animate a photo with Artificial Intelligence

The first thing we’re going to do to animate our children’s favorite plush is to take a photo of it. Yes, we recommend using a background as neutral as possible so that we can cut it out and convert it into an image foundation transparently, que es lo más interesante para estas tareas. This is something we can do with Adobe Photoshop or any other moderately advanced photo editing program. For example, this is something that we can achieve quickly with the magic wand tool.

Upload Photo IA

Regarding the Artificial Intelligence platform that we will use in this case, to create it plush toy animation we will use Animated Drawings. Here the first thing we will do will be to subir the image once and the one we have cut out, belonging to muñe. All you have to do is press the Get Started button and then Upload Photo.

Depending on its size and the power of our equipment, maybe the application of Artificial Intelligence is delayed a few seconds process the image. Next, all we have to do is mark on the IA platform the points of movement that we want to assign to the plush. For example, in this case it is recommended to use the supposed joints of the wrist.

movement of any kind

And the list, once it’s done we’ll be able to see it different animations which automatically generates the AI ​​with the image of the doll so that we can show it to our children. All this, as we have seen, in a fast and simple way thanks to the functionality of this platform. In addition, there are animations that are generated later that we can use in video editing programs with some type of foundation.

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