Biography and information about Eduardo Arcos, creator of Hipertextual

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Eduardo Arcos is an entrepreneur and founder of the network, a network of blogs dedicated to technology, being one of the most important companies in Latin America, for its extensive content in weblogs such as Alt1040, Gizmologia, among others.

Eduardo was born in Ecuador and currently lives in Mexico City, he is approximately 34 years old and his great capacity for writing blogs has taken him very far.

Their blogs have original content, variation and have many followers and daily visits, most of their blogs have a Pagerank between 4 and 6.

Eduardo Arcos assures, in an interview carried out for, that his blogs are not intended only for geeks, but for any person who has a little interest in some of his articles.

One of the most visited blogs is from and it is also one of the oldest, if he is responsible for writing this same blog and invests around 3 hours a day in his work.

Currently it has staff to write blogs, which makes Hipertextual a company in continuous growth, and in turn, greater income.

Although Arcos does not talk much about the form of obtaining its income, it is easy to assume that much of the money earned is part of Adsense, a program that cannot be missed in any blog. It must also be supported by other companies that pay for mentions, spaces in the blog, among others.

Eduardo Arcos emphasizes that you can live off blogs, and this is a reality that many people have tried but failed for lack of patience.

In another interview conducted in 2013 during Aldea Digital, Eduardo assures that starting a business or company is very difficult, but maintaining it is much more difficult, anyone can undertake a project, but no one can maintain it and make it grow.

The number alt1040 has caused controversy among the followers of the blog, Eduardo Arcos has launched contests to guess the meaning of the number, hasta offering iPads as a prize, but no one has been able to guess the answer. Eduardo says that several of his friends know the answer, but that if they divulge it they should be killed, surely he said in a joking tone. In another interview, one of the users told Arcos that alt1040 means “to reproduce”, to be in constant change but to deviate from the main idea (phrase obtained from Eduardo said that his answer was wrong.

Personally, to me, as surely as many others, if I happened to type this sequence on the keyboard of my computer, the result was the symbol: ?.

With this I can deduce that the person who had the idea that the number of the blog means to reproduce, is because he did the same thing as me and if it happened that it was a playback button.

But, if it doesn’t mean that, then what?

Among other peculiarities of this character, is that he always wore a black dress, in a question from his followers about it, his answer was that with black clothes he feels that he gets tired less walking, because probably the sun’s rays don’t come in so fácil como en ropa de otro color, lo que hace que camine una major distanza sin cansarse tanto.

Also, it says that with black clothes you can type more words per minute on a computer than using clothes of another color, thus increasing your productivity.

Eduardo Arcos is proof that you can live well by taking advantage of the knowledge you have and undertaking projects that do not require much economic investment, although you have certain knowledge to be able to realize what you want. Aggregando también that in Latin America there is young talent capable of undertaking productive and outstanding projects.

Here is a video of the interview in Aldea Digital

The full conference in Aldea Digital 2013

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