Bing’s IA can finally be used in Google Chrome natively and with an improved interface

The different proposals of Artificial Intelligence that little by little the great technologies are making available to us, if they are extending in an important way. One of the most representative cases is found in Bing’s IA, which is also now being extended to more browsers besides Edge, such as Chrome.

Os contamos todo esto porque la IA from Bing que nos propone Microsoft ahora se está empezando a desplegar para los usuarios de Google Chrome. Moreover, it is hoped that the browser offered by the giant Apple with its Safari will soon be available. This is something that is beginning to be verified by some users on their computers and that is being deployed little by little. That’s why the selected ones have access to Bing’s Artificial Intelligence in Google Chrome.

As it could not have been otherwise, it has come from the hand of Microsoft itself, which has begun to deploy its AI to Chrome and Safari. All this through a pop-up window that appears in Windows and enables access to the Bing platform from Google software. It should be noted that we are dealing with one of the most used IAs and that is powered by ChatGPT-4.

A estas tallas no hace falta decir que es uno de los models lenguaje más advancedas y está disponible usuarios de Edge since el pasado mes de febrero. But the software giant is fully aware of the market penetration of Google Chrome. That’s why in estos instantes they have started to deploy the compatibility of their IA in other browsers, like Chrome and Safari.

That’s how you can use Bing’s AI in Chrome

This is something that will reach our computers through a new pop-up window that appears in the Windows task bar. In that case we will have the opportunity to test Bing’s Artificial Intelligence in Google’s software. In addition, it should be noted that as far as the available interface is concerned, we will be able to make use of a native dark mode.

Bing chrome

To maintain certain synchronization in the user interface, Microsoft maintains el Bing logo in blue In turn, the rest of the icons and buttons are white or blue. It must be kept in mind that this is a dark mode for the IA of Bing and Google Chrome and it has not been deployed for all, only some users who have access to it. All in all, it is hoped that this platform will reach Chrome for everyone in the world in the next few days or weeks.

At the same time, some important improvements are being introduced, such as a new function that will allow users to interact with Bing more quickly to perform searches. Unlike ChatGPT, which does not have a search engine or web navigation function, Bing’s AI is based entirely on being. In fact, in most cases Bing intends extract data from various websites and summarize the answers we offer.

With this feature we hope that Bing behaves in a manner more similar to ChatGPT and we get it more humane answers.

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