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Bing with ChatGPT lets you choose your “personality”. And with it the precision (and length) of their answers

Microsoft continues to take advantage of the pull of Bing Chat with ChatGPT, and although in the last days the news has not been so striking, it is obvious that the work to improve its performance is still underway. The last change is one that the company has already advanced, and that allows adjusting the type of responses and conversation that Bing offers.

Creativity, Equilibration, or Precision. When starting a new chat session in Bing, we will be able to see a small box in which we are given the option to choose the behavior of the engine, which can be “More creative”, “More balanced” or “More precise”. In the first, he seeks “original and imaginative” answers, in the second, “reasonable and coherent”, and in the third, “based on facts and concise”. El fundo color also changes slightly in each “personality”.

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Do they really change the answers? Yes, they do. Mikhail Parakhin, one of the developers in charge of the Microsoft service, explainable that each of these three models has different RLHF training (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback) and has been polished to behave according to these “personalities”.

Our tests. We did various tests and it is certain that the “More creative” mode explains more, while the “More precise” mode tries to be more sketchy and brief. The balanced behavior was curiously less precise in the answers than the creative one, and in fact it seemed to make more effort in the conversation to know where to follow the chat.

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Pero los límites follow. For a moment, yes, the conversation is still limited to six requests for conversation, after which a message appears indicating that we will click on the “brush” to start a new conversation.

Ya no da so much juego. The idea of ​​personalities is interesting, but this limitation makes using this engine of IA not so striking. As we have seen, this new version capada appeared due to the problems that were detected in large conversations in which Bing could vary. This makes it so that since then his use has been less entertaining and that it is impossible to maintain a conversation like before – which was the thing that gave me much play – it is impossible.

OpenAI is looking for revenue, the question is what Microsoft will do. And meanwhile, OpenAI announced these days its commercial API for ChatGPT, which is intended for companies and which will allow its creators to obtain promising income along the way. Microsoft seems to assume for a moment the cost of Bing with ChatGPT, and the question is whether it will continue to do so, sober todo considering that every consultation in Bing with ChatGPT sale quite a bit more expensive than a conventional search in Bing.

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Neil Barker
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