Best apps for listening to free music on Android

Today there are many websites to listen to free music on the Internet, either through popular streaming sites such as YouTube or Spotify, or by accessing online radio stations directly. Sin embargo, many people would like to access music via an Android application.

Many radio stations or streaming platforms have applications for the Android operating system, so that users can listen to music online from their smartphone. In the following list you can see the most popular applications for this end.

Applications to listen to music for free on Android

  • YouTube Music: This is an application owned by YouTube, intended to listen only to music, either with video or without video, offering a friendly playlist and a very good graphic aspect for users. Although it is free, you can listen to some announcements between the reproductions, which can be avoided by paying the premium subscription if required.
  • Spotify: It could be one of the main platforms to listen to music online, although YouTube Music is giving it a lot of competition. Spotify also allows you to create or search playlists, and the quality of the music is very good, although it also has many ads in its free version.
  • Google Play Music: A service that allows you to store and synchronize music in the cloud, as well as having a music store that Google launched in 2011 as part of Google Play. This application allows you to listen to songs, store a collection and upload songs created by the user, create playlists, listen to radio, among other options. The opposite of this, is that like all others, there is an advertising campaign that can be avoided with a subscription.
  • SounCloud: It is an audio distribution platform that allows users to collaborate or promote. Its free mode has 3 hours of download, the Pro version with 6 hours and the Pro Unlimited version with unlimited download time.
  • Deezer: Another option very used. It is a platform very similar to Spotify although Deezer was created earlier. Permitte escuchar toda la música que se quiera gratis, aunque de igual forma presenta anuncios.

There are some of the most popular applications that allow you to listen to music for free on Android, although with some restrictions like the announcements.

You can also listen to music online via radio stations, if you don’t want to use any of the applications mentioned above. However, many of the stations do not have applications for Android, but you can access your phone’s web browser, like Chrome, to access the radio station’s website and listen to free music live, although you will surely also listen to some announcements.

Remember the important thing is not to use applications from unreliable sources, which offer free music without any type of advertising, because they could incur a copyright violation, so it is always recommended to use legitimate applications even though you have to listen to some type of advertising

If you have any suggestions regarding applications to listen to free music, leave them here below!

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