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Become an expert in Web Development: Discover the secrets of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Web development is a defining discipline in the current digital era because more and more organizations and companies need a positive online presence. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the 3 main technologies used to create modern and dynamic websites.

HTML or hypertext markup language is a standard markup language used to create the content of a web page. If used to conceptualize the design and content of a web page, including titles, paragraphs, images, links and other relevant resources.

CSS or cascading style sheets is a design language used to design and format a web page. CSS is used to control the visual presentation of HTML resources, such as color, font, design and other aesthetic aspects.

JavaScript is a programming language used to add interactivity and functionality to a web page. If used to create images, animations and other interactive resources that improve the client’s experience.

In summary, HTML, CSS and JavaScript allow web developers to create modern, interactive and responsive websites that satisfy the needs of users in the current digital era. These technologies are also essential to create complex and high-quality web applications.

In summary, web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript is an exciting and constantly evolving field in which developers can create unique and effective online applications for users.

By mastering these technologies, developers can create attractive and highly functional websites that satisfy the needs of a wide variety of consumers and Internet users.

About the Free Web Development Course with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Interested in offering the first steps to become a web creator? This course will help you find the languages, frameworks and tools you need to create beautiful interactive websites from scratch.

You will first learn about the roles of front-end, back-end and full-stack developers and how they work together in development projects. It will also familiarize you with the terminology and essential skills for your web design career.

Next, explore the languages ​​needed to develop web sites or applications. You will get a deep understanding of HTML and CSS and how a combination of the two technologies can help developers create the design of their websites.

Finally, you will learn how JavaScript can make your web pages dynamic with functions that integrate interactive questionnaires, dynamic content changes and sophisticated menu systems.

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