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A blog takes the form of an agreement to the publications that it has and the quality of these, a good content will always be the key for the blog to be successful and have the desired views and opinions, but something very important, to be able to begin to have success, es saber qué hacer to reach more people when the blog is new.

There are many techniques to optimize the positioning of a blog, but don’t fall into those that can’t help, they will harm the blog by penalizing it for practices such as spam.

Whatever system you use to write your blog, such as Blogger, WordPress or Joomla, you must take into account many factors that contribute to maintaining certain quality on the site, which with time will convert into visits, which in turn, they could become money.

Something important is the consistency with which you publish on your blog, if your content is of quality and interesting, you will have visitors, but if your visitors notice that your publications are every week or every month, they will get bored and will not return, but if you try to publish very often, perhaps no diary, but at least one day yes and one day no, your visitors will know that there will always be something new to read, of course when you achieve a certain amount of daily visits, you will need to post a diary, like proof of interest in informing or entertaining your users or visitors.

There are many guides and tutorials about everything, which becomes fascinating when you have the desire and passion to make your blog have notable success. In Google you can find many publications on how to increase visits to your web, and choose among the ones that best suit your needs and thematic of the site, although in terms of positioning, most meet the requirements for any blog.

Another fundamental aspect so that, apart from the blog in general, any publication of your blog will be successful, is the use of the right keywords. It is important to think how the user, for example, if you want to write about which operating system is easiest to use, think how if you were looking for that information, how would you search?, the most logical thing would be to type something like: Cuál es from the most easy-to-use operating system?

Aquí la principal palabra clave, o mejor dicho, frase clave, sería

“operating system”, if you could use the two words “system” and “operating” as keywords, the results would be much more extensive and less specific for the topic that is required, instead, combining the two words as a single keyword , if they have more possibilities of not falling into unwanted results. From here you can also get the best idea for the title of the publication, which is another fundamental aspect for the success of the post.

Another option, in the case of CMS like WordPress, is the use of plugins designed to improve the positioning of the blog, for this you must investigate which one would work best according to experiences and qualifications on the site of the developer or of WordPress.

If you still don’t have much knowledge about this system, you can take a look at our Guide to installation and use of WordPress that we have published in the digital magazine.

Finally, the desired results for the popularity of a website or blog will always be reflected after a while, do not hope that your blog will become famous overnight, always remember to be persevering and patient, but above all, strive for your content to be of quality, no duplicate content, avoid spam and get the most out of social networks, which today have become an excellent tool for digital marketing.

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