Artificial Intelligence comes to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Among the enormous amount of software that we can install on our equipment, one of the most common options is the productivity suite Office from Microsoft. It is composed for programs as well known and used as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Not in vain we refer to what could be considered as the most relevant in the software office sector. That’s why the programs that make up this suite that we commented on from Microsoft are present in most of them equipment actual The users make use of these applications both in professional and more domestic and personal environments. All this thanks to the enormous amount of functions and tools that we provide by default.

To a great extent it will be achieved thanks to the improvements updates that the software giant sends us periodically. However, what Microsoft claims is to adapt popular applications to current times, as is the case we are dealing with now. And it is that it is more than likely that many of you have heard hablar and read noticias acerca de las ultimas IA platforms. Everything related to Artificial Intelligence is more on everyone’s lips than ever, and it is a technology called to form part of our lives soon.

That’s precisely why many companies are trying to adapt and improve their projects based on the aforementioned IA. As it is obvious Microsoft could not be left behind in this field so in growth right now. If all of this is united by the immediate event that the software giant is preparing, it is speculated that Artificial Intelligence would reach the aforementioned programs that everyone knows.

Artificial Intelligence will arrive at Office

We say all this because based on the latest information, Microsoft will start talking about its next generation of office applications to improve productivity using AI. There are applications based on OpenAI technology and it is hoped that the company will demonstrate its integration into important office tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

This is an event that will be held shortly, on March 16, so that attendees will know first-hand Microsoft’s plans to bring OpenAI a will be programming. At the same time he will talk about how you can use the set to improve the productivity of your users. The company will hold several public demonstrations to show how AI can be integrated with its suite of office products. Con todo ello lo que se pretende es improve functionality existing from will be programs.

Among the novelties that el use of the Artificial intelligence could be passed by hand, we find ourselves with the automatic creation of content, from natural language processing, or automated workflows. All this is expected to be revealed by Microsoft itself in the event that we are commenting on. In addition, we must keep in mind that one of the main benefits of integrating AI into office automation is improving our productivity by automating various tasks that would otherwise consume a lot of time.

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At the same time this technology can improve the user experience thanks to the intelligent functions adapted to each one.

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