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It is a personal computer designed and manufactured for Apple Computer at the beginning of the 1980s, being the second computer to have a graphical user interface.

This machine did not have much commercial success and disappeared from the market a few years after its launch, but it was a very advanced micro computer for its time, being a pioneer in integrating a set of technological advances at the level of hardware and software that ended up becoming standards of the computer industry, such as the mouse, the graphic user interface, bit mapping system, among others.

The Lisa project was initiated by Apple in 1978, and in December 1979, an Apple delegation led by Steve Jobs visited the offices of Xerox PARC, in Palo Alto, California.

Xerox was looking at that moment to be an investor in Apple, and in one of the visits of Jobs and his team, made up of engineers John Couch, Bill Atkinson, Bruce Horn, among others, they managed to observe the progress made in this research center. Apple took the concept of the mouse from Xerox PARC, which gave a great leap to the development of Lisa.

In the documentation included in the computer, Apple indicated that the name Lisa was an acronym for Local Integrated Software Architecture. Sin embargo, it is believed that due to the fact that the first daughter of Steve Jobs, born in 1978, was called Lisa, the name had a personal association, and that the acronym was subsequently invented to match the number.

Andy Hertzfeld affirmed the last saying that the acronym was created from the name Lisa in the fall of 1982 by Apple’s marketing team. The Lisa was introduced on January 19, 1983 with a cost of 9,995 dollars. It had a Motorola 68000 CPU with a clock frequency of 5 MHz and had 1 MB of RAM memory.

When the Lisa computer was absorbed by the Mac product line, the Lisa name and its own development line were discontinued. In 1987, Sun Remarketing bought around 5,000 Macintosh XLs and upgraded them.

In 1989, Apple Computer buried about 2700 Lisa computers that were not sold, in a landfill in Utah, also obtaining a tax exemption on the land rented for it.
The Lisa computers that are in use today are considered collector’s items and can be very well paid for by collectors.

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