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annotate and summarize your meetings

Bridge in situation. It’s Monday, the end of December and your head is more focused on Christmas or what is the best menu for Christmas Eve dinner than in the boring meeting you have scheduled with your team for the first hour of the morning. No te apetece nada tragarte la media hora larga que probably dure el meeting y menos aún tener que preparer luego un resume para passárselo a tu jefa. From the beginning, I only had a catarrh. The second has easier solution.

If you want to convert pages, pages and more pages of tedious transcription into a clear synthesis, you could have an ally in ChatGPT. Exactly, from the same chatbot that has been marveling us for weeks with the fascinating —¿disturbing?— limits that have already reached artificial intelligence.

That’s how he tells it tiktoker Nick Miller (@amplifygoogleads), who in a short video, of only 30 seconds, posted on his channel, explains how to use ChatGPT as a “personal secretary”, one capable of handling an assumed competence of which he is probably one of the most boring and burdensome tasks that can be assigned to an office worker: summarize meetingspointing out the main ideas and actions that will follow in the future.

El límite: the imagination

His advice is very simple. Miller plans to record the meeting using or any other program that serves us for the transcription of notes. Once you have that text, his advice is to copy and paste it into ChatGPT and then ask him to summarize it, highlighting the main points. “Proof. Te sorprenderá”, soulful, enthusiastic.

The advice can be practical and maybe save hours of mechanical and boring work, but much more than what Miller points out or the effectiveness of the system, it is interesting for what it represents: an attempt to buscarle nuevos usos to ChatGPT and express your potential in new scenarios.

The most interesting thing of all is that Miller is not unique. Ni mucho menos.

Lo de encontrarle delusional applications a chat system based on the language model for IA GPT-3 and developed by the company OpenAI seems to have been converted into an authentic exercise of collective imagination. So much so that the networks are full of advice on how to take advantage of it.

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Over the last few weeks, there have been those who have seen ChatGPT as an ally to codify a channel, create a trading bot, develop charts adapted to the Human Resources sections of each company or develop benchmarks in Excel. “We will present ChatGPT, the definitive tool to create quick and easy macros that will save you time and make your work flow in Excel easy”, commented ExcelNewTeam, one of the many that have been launched looking for uses.

On Twitter there are also comments from people who comparte sus consejos para sacar profitecho de ChatGPT para, por ejemplo, el application development, summarize booksto prepare travel guides for the holidays write stories oh resolve bugs of code o prepare exams adjusting a the educational norm. For haber hay included quien lo emplea casi como literary assessor.

If artificial intelligence seems willing to surprise us with the enormous potential that ChatGPT, Dall-E or LaMDA have demonstrated, when it is also combined with imagination and the capacity to seek uses of human imagination, from the horizon it directly seems infinite.

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