Amazon will add the Artificial Intelligence of ChatGPT

It is more than likely that all those who follow the technology of search, os hayáis dado cuenta de que las plattformas y will be used by the IA empiezan a circlearnos A technological giant like Amazon couldn’t be left behind, and Alexa might be the element that will benefit the most from all of this.

Os contamos todo esto porque tal y como se está da conocer en estos instantes, el gigante del commerce, Amazon, wants to take advantage of the growth of Artificial Intelligence. More concretely, he intends to take advantage of the potential of ChatGPT to integrate it into his famous voice assistant. As it could not be otherwise, we will refer to Alexa.

Y es que a medida que la tecnología se supere in estos momentos, estamos viendo un enorme crecimiento referente las plataformas y AI tools. A good part of it is found in the way of interacting through conversations with humans. It is precisely for this reason that Amazon intends to maintain its advantage by taking advantage of AI technology to revolutionize the way users interact with their Alexa assistant.

This is a component that over the years has not stopped growing and extending throughout the homes and offices of everyone. Each time we are getting more used to using this type of digital assistant to perform an increasing number of tasks. Por supuesto the form of interacting with assistants como Alexa each time is more advanced and functional. Hence the compromise imposed by the electronic commerce giant to improve the capabilities of its own assistant.

How Amazon plans to improve Alexa with AI

It must be borne in mind that many of the current AI-based services are capable of generating new content based on the user’s indications. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the company mentioned at the time of improving them functionalities of your product. For example, it would allow the assistant to set up with the users more natural and fluid conversations. In addition, and as expected, we will also provide more relevant and creative answers adapted to our needs.

In addition, all the technology related to the Artificial intelligence nos ofrece en estos instantes el potentialo para para el arriba Alexa adresse complejs questions. Among some of the useful modes of use that we could carry out, we stand out from being able to share stories and anecdotes, compose song lyrics and much more. One of the objectives of Amazon in this sense is that we can talk to you digital assistantas if we did it with a friend, obviously with certain limitations.

Thus, the company foresees a near future in which Alexa becomes a personal assistant much more advanced than it is today. Thanks to AI, the company wants to understand and attend more in depth the needs and preferences of each user. With all that the tool could get to a point where you know ours will be interestedhobbies and daily routines. In this way, their responses would adjust better to the specific needs of each person.

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