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¿Advertisement por mi counta o contract a un specialist in Google Ads?

If you have a business and want to start capturing clients via the Internet, you have taken a huge step by simply thinking about it. Until this point, you will surely have a web page for your business, but what’s next? simply (no in reality), advertising.

Making a website appear in the main results of a search in Google or any other search engine is a complicated task, since certain skills are required to achieve good positioning. However, one way to achieve this faster is a good advertising campaign, and one of the best options is Google Ads.

The most recommendable thing at this point is to hire a Google Ads specialist to be able to obtain the best benefits according to your expectations and budget. because an expert can help you get the best results based on your experience and previous results.

If you choose to create your own campaigns on the platform, it could go well, but you could also spend more and get fewer benefits, which could erroneously make you believe that this option does nothing. cuando puede ser una muy benéfica tool para obtener más traffic y clients.

The experts can help you choose the most suitable segmentation options for your business, they can be:

  • Demographic data: Se puede elegir la audiencia objetivo between parameters such as stages of paternity, parental status, family income, rental property or housing, sentimental situation, among others.
  • Affinity and personalized affinity: Depending on the searches, applications that are downloaded, videos that are viewed, among other factors.

This is only a small part of everything that an advertising expert can do to get the traffic required for your business. Because of this, hiring community manager services is an investment that is essential for any business on the Internet.

In the campaign that is executed for your business, an Ads expert can choose different formats for advertisements, which can be attractive to Internet users, these formats can be:

  • Search format: Although it may be somewhat limited because it is only text, it is useful for users who fulfill a specific function, which is the search for information.
  • Display ad formats: They are image ads, which can be of a specific size to show on websites and search results, or adaptable, which can be made of the size necessary for any website.
  • YouTube ad formats: Video ads that are displayed before, during and at the end of the videos on the YouTube platform. In this case, there are multiple video options to improve visibility and traffic capture.

As you can see, creating an advertising campaign for a business is not a simple thing, and if you don’t do it correctly, it could result in a loss of time and money. On the contrary, a good campaign can help you get more traffic and ultimately, clients and income.

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Neil Barker
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