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9 services and apps to know if a text has been generated for OpenAI’s AI

We will walk you through a little guide with you 9 services to detect if a text has been generated by the AI of ChatGPT, in addition to GPT-4 or including Google Bard. In this way, you can know if a text you find has been created by artificial intelligence or by a human.

We are in times where there are technologies that generate texts from these commands that are increasingly used. And with that, each time the tools with which you can detect these cases are more necessary. Nosotros te vamos a decir 9 of them in a list format, adding their respective links.

9 services to detect IA

  • OpenAI Classifier: OpenAI Classifier is an official tool created by OpenAI itself, creators of ChatGPT. It will help you to identify the texts that have been created with your IA, although there is still a lot to improve. Link:
  • ChatGPT: Yes, from ChatGPT itself you can also tell if a fragment of text is created by him. You simply have to write from the prompt: “I want you to tell me if the text that I’m going to pass on below has been generated by Artificial Intelligence or by ChatGPT. I also want you to argue your answers and signal concrete parts of the text that make you think that they were not written by a human”, and paste a continuation from the text. Link:
  • GPZero: Currently it is the great reference for detecting texts created by Artificial Intelligence, either with GPT or with others like Bard. You simply have to paste a text of more than 250 characters or submit a document, and it will tell you very effectively if it is created for IA. Link:
  • AI Detector: An alternative created by Sapling, in which you simply paste a text in a box and it will tell you the percentage of falsehood to know if it is false that it is human. It’s free but limited to a certain amount of tokens. Enlace:
  • This portal is supposed to be the most effective at the time of detecting which texts are written with ChatGPT and GPT-4. Its big drawback is that it is a paid service, although with a small test of 50 tokens that serves to analyze only 100 words. Enlace:
  • Se trata de una simple web que detecta texts made by IA and by ChatGPT in espaƱol. Simply write a text of 800 words maximum, and you will be able to know the percentage of possibility that it is false. Link:
  • Copyleaks: Another interesting option that includes the incentive of offering a free extension for Chrome. You will be free to analyze just 250 words as a test, and then you will have to pay. Link:
  • Writer: It is a platform that serves to help you create content, and that also has an AI trained to detect texts created with this technology. Link:
  • Smodin: Another service less known and which is still in testing phase. It promises to be able to identify the texts that have been created with ChatGPT, GPT-4 and Google bard. You can paste texts or submit documents with them to analyze them. Link:

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