7 Tips to make your crowdfunding campaign successful

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According to the research firm Mass solution, currently there are more than 600 platforms for crowdfunding on the Internet, which may seem like a high number, but if we consider the figures of the campaigns at a global level, it makes a lot of sense because between all of them they raise thousands of millions of dollars annually . Only in Spain, during the year 2017 there were more than 5000 crowdfunding campaigns.

From crowdfunding it’s basically a way of requesting donations, but convincing the people who invest in the project you’re presenting. The reason why this type of platforms and the campaigns that are carried out in them have had so much success is because people are willing to participate and also those who create the campaigns each time are putting more effort into their tools of persuasion.

If you have been thinking about creating a crowdfunding campaign, according to Gananci it is important that you stop making excuses and put your hands to the work because the earlier you start the faster you can reach your goal. If you haven’t done it because you are afraid that it won’t work or you think there is competition, the best thing is to shake those thoughts out of your mind and pay attention to the following aspects that you must take into account if you want your crowdfunding campaign to be successful:

1.- Platform: there are many platforms where you can run your campaigns, but normally each of them has its own strengths, for example Kickstarter it is one of the largest and most well-known, it is used to finance all types of creative projects but it is a bit more towards the area of ​​entrepreneurship. For another tin, GoFundMeusually used for personal campaigns (travel, operations, wish lists), foundations, charities, just to name two of the most well-known.

Before settling on the platform where you will hang your campaign, it is necessary that you read about the strengths of each one, so that you can choose the platform that attracts the most users interested in the topic in which you develop your proposal. It will make you more likely to reach your goal.

2.- Time: This type of platforms usually work with an established time in which the applicant must reach the goal of the established mountain or if not, no if we can only carry one of the dollars collected. Others, you give the opportunity to leave the time open so that you don’t go against the clock and then you can withdraw the money when you have the complete donation.

It will depend on the type of platform you choose, since each one has its own function. You must read the policies so that you will not be taken by surprise.

3.- Amount of money: in the crowdfunding platforms to be successful you must have a previous strategy, a realistic budget of what you want to achieve so that later you don’t regret having ordered less than the necessary money or you don’t have problems because you can’t justify all the amount you requested.

Remember that in the explanation of the campaign you must justify practically every dollar you request so that people can feel the confidence of donating to a project that is completely transparent.

4.- Historical: each one of the words you use will be in order to persuade your readers to donate to your project. For that reason, you should include all the information you consider relevant including certain attractive details.

While more elements are included to support your history and demonstrate what your project is worth, you will have more opportunities to succeed. Support your history with videos, photographs and including statistics of what you have achieved so far and how you could improve with the funding provided by each of the people who donated to your campaign.

The more proof you have that your project can be successful, the more people will know why it’s worth contributing to grow from yourself.

5.- Rewards: Another way to attract people to donate a little more than once if they find themselves inside the campaign is by offering rewards proportional to the amount of money donated.

For example, a recent campaign with a lot of diffusion in the RRSS about a Venezuelan zombie film offered people who donated $10 a personalized poster of the person turned into a zombie that would be delivered to their e-mail.

Each one of the rewards was better than the previous one and for those who contributed a minimum of $500 they would have a course of special effects, their number in the credits of the film, an invitation to the premiere of the film in Mexico City and a cocktail afterwards, among other awards of appreciation.

Rewards are not a purchase that people make, so their value does not have to be equal to the money given. They are only rewards of gratitude for the donation, but they are very important so that people feel attracted.

One of the most successful campaigns was crowdfunding Ouya, a video game console that collected 8.5 million dollars in less than a month. The people who made the biggest donations received one of these consoles in the 10 months close to the end of the campaign.

6.- Diffusion: once your campaign is up, it is necessary to spread it through all the possible media because it has a greater reach, the more likely it is that you will reach your destination more quickly.

Use social networks, e-mails and everything you have at your disposal to ensure that people know that you are doing crowdfunding and can help.

If your campaign requests a large amount of money, something you can do is a little advertising paid through the social networks so that you can have even greater reach and in a segmented way.

7.- Compromise: if it is required that you comply with each of the points set forth in the description of your campaign, because if you do not do so you may even face legal problems. While your campaign is running you need to be committed to it, don’t let any day pass without spreading it and answering the questions that people may have who are interested in helping.

If you believe that creating a crowdfunding campaign is very complicated or requires time and effort, you have reason, but money never comes without you having to do anything, in any case, you can learn other ways of making money.

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