5 steps to follow after a data violation

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One of the most risky situations, and regrettably, the most common, is the violation of data caused by a security leak from some hacker or malware. Here we will tell you what to do if you have detected any data leakage in your accounts or equipment.

What is a data leak?

Data leaks consist of theft or access to data by malicious persons who may be other users or hackers. Basically, if it is someone else’s, with authorization and good intentions, it obtains data of value to you, such as personal, banking, private information, of your company, etc.

There are different cases of data leakage ranging from the most simple ones such as your number or IP address, to the leakage of intimate photos of users and celebrities or including cases of massive data leakage for companies which assumed a brutal economic and security impact.

I will continue to follow before a data leak

  1. Verify if you have been the victim of a data breach

Before taking actions, it is necessary to verify if we have really been the victim of a data breach, as well as the form in which we have been victims.

We recommend looking for a guide on how to verify if you have been the victim of a data breach in order to verify if this situation really happened. In addition, there are some ways to reveal the origin of said leak to know if it was a hack, a fraudulent link, malware or some other trick.

Once we identify that we have really been the victim of an attack and if our data has been leaked, it is time to isolate our team. The recommended thing is to close all our accounts such as mail or social networks. Después, we must disconnect our internet equipment to avoid major filtration.

After isolating your equipment, the next step is to detect how it is leaking in order to solve it. For example, if it was a web page, it is much easier to solve than a hack or a program damage.

Once the threat has been eliminated, we recommend performing a complete disinfection of your equipment, as it is likely that there has been a vulnerability. This includes running programs to detect some type of malicious program that we have not seen to close the security breach.

Also, if necessary, we must update the system to install the corresponding security patches that can block some type of vulnerability. Even some experts in cyber security recommend formatting all your equipment to ensure that it is 100% clean, which may be necessary if the data leak is very serious.

Once it is clean and free of leaks, it is necessary to protect our equipment to avoid a recurrence. To do this, we must install software such as an antivirus, for example, and a VPN, which will help us avoid hackers and malicious programs.

The VPN, for example, offers a great advantage, since it allows you to create a shield between the internet and your computer, so we recommend that you check out the free VPN software to learn about the trial period so that you can learn all the benefits that it offers protecting you datos y tu seguridad

Finally, it will be necessary to adopt some measures to prevent this from happening again as to have better control of who uses our equipment. In the same way, putting in a password can be a good way to avoid a data leak on the part of a user who has entered our PC.

We also recommend that you be much more careful when downloading files and using web pages. In addition, it will be of great use to learn to detect possible fraudulent links and other techniques used by hackers to steal information.

The risks of a data leak

Although many people might think that there are no risks in data leakage, in reality this is not the case. A data leak can be really harmful, especially when very delicate information is leaked both for your security and your privacy.

For example, the leakage of industrial secrets can be, without doubt, a very hard blow for a company that can even lead to bankruptcy. On the other hand, a leak of your bank information or intimate information can not only cause difficult and embarrassing moments, it can also cause you to lose money, for example, for a dress.

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