10 things you didn’t know about the creator of Facebook

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If you are a fan of the creator of the most popular social network in the world, maybe you are curious about some details about him and his company.

1. I’m a fan of Taylor Swift. According to her Facebook profile, Rihanna and Lady Gaga like it too.

2. Mark designed his wife’s ring, Priscilla Chan, which consists of a ruby ​​surrounded by diamonds. This has received some criticisms and that they have asserted that “the gem is not up to him”.

4. You write @[4:0] en un comentario de Facebook y le das enter, it appears from Mark Zuckerberg’s name.

5. Facebook is blue because es uno de los pocos colors que distingue. According to a New Yorker profile from 2010, Zuckerberg is suffering from color blindness, so he comes out of the world in that tone.

6. Mark se imponetos cada año. In 2009 he decided to wear a tie every day during a year. Due to the economic recession, he wanted to give his employees a message of seriousness with which they would face difficulties, through a formal dress. In 2011, Mark stopped eating meat. He decided that he would only do it if he killed himself, as a symbol of gratitude and respect for the world around him.

7. El CEO has a Twitter account: @finkd. It has 226,061 followers, follows 830 and has only used it 19 times, at least until 2014.

8. Existen alrededor de 50 patents bajo su nombre. The first was passed in 2004 for the technology behind Synapse Media Player, a system that allowed to reproduce songs based on their rhythm, to create playlists with similar music. As Spotify, Grooveshark and Pandora (among others) do now.

9. The Movie: There are many inaccuracies about the university view of Zuckerberg, thanks in large part to the belt “The Social Network.” According to this, Mark was desperate to belong to Harvard’s social media, which has been denied by the CEO on numerous occasions.

10. No es fan de los martinis. In the film, his character consumes apple martinis on more than one occasion, mismos que Mark neverca había probado hasta que la vio. When a private screening was organized for the company’s employees, Mark invited everyone to a round of appletini.

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