10 things you didn’t know about Steve Jobs

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There are some things you probably didn’t know about the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs:

1. Steve had an adoptive father with whom he worked in the garage of his house on electronic devices when he was a child, his father taught him to assemble and disassemble things, which became a hobby for Jobs.

2. When Steve had 8 years, he called William Hewlett, co-founder of the Hewlett Packard company, to ask him about an element that was missing in a frequency meter he was building. Hewlett spoke with Jobs for 20 minutes and offered to assist him as an intern at the company throughout the summer.

3. When Steve was studying at Reed College, he had to quit his studies because they were very expensive and his parents were spending their money on it. Jobs preferred to attend as a listener to materials with a creative approach where he acquired skills in typography and other areas.

4. When he was at the university, Jobs had no dormitories, so he slept in the floors of some of his friends’ rooms and collected coca cola bottles to collect a deposit of 5 cents for each one. He also walked 11 kilometers on Sundays at night to have a complete dinner in the Hare Krishna temple.

5. Steve had a son with Chrisann Brennan, but he did not recognize her as such, after retraining, he named the Apple III computer as Lisa, from his daughter’s name.

6. When Jobs returned as CEO of Apple, he stopped making charitable contributions until the company stabilized. To give faith to his will, he also imposed a salary of 1 dollar a year to show his will to want to grow the company.

7. Jobs drove his Mercedez Benz SL55 for several years without wearing an official license plate, he only had a bar code in the vehicle.

8. When Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the end of 2003, he was told that it would be incurable and that he only had a few months of sight; shortly after a biopsy was done on a tumor in the pancreas, and the doctor who examined the cells under the microscope began to cry when he found that Steve’s disease was curable through surgery.

9. Jobs tried various drugs during a spiritual trip to India. He affirmed that this was something of the most important thing that he saw.

10. In 1986, Jobs bought Pixar, and had his first success with Toy Story, when Disney bought Pixar, Steve became the most important shareholder of that company.

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