10 bad photos that, if you post them on Facebook, your account will be blocked

Social networks have become the main way of communication for many users with the whole world, not only with our closest environment. Sin embargo, unlike messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram, within the conditions of the service, they include one series of restrictions at the time of publishing content.

There are restrictions, which do not only affect content in text format or links that are published, but also apply to multimedia content that we publish, or to photos or videos. Facebook, the most used social network in the world, just like the rest of the applications that form part of the Meta group, Twitter and TikTok, use algorithms that analyze all the content that is published and act based on the conditions of the service , eliminating inappropriate content.

If it is true that, due to ignorance of the guidelines of use, we can publish content that is not suitable for all publics, when one of our publications is eliminated, we will receive a notice in our account informing us that, if we continue on this path, we will remain he knows If we ignore this warning and continue to publish inappropriate content, we will be at our own expense, without the possibility of recovering from accessing all the content that we have published since we started using this platform. To avoid this happening, we must avoid these 10 types of photographs.

  • will strip. The nude images on all the platforms that form part of the Meta group have always been a matter of discussion to apply to any type of image, even if they are works of art or historical moments. If we want to avoid problems, the best thing is to avoid publishing content that includes partial or total nudes.
  • sexual acts. Toda imagen que muestra que se están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están están está están están están están están están están está están están está están están están están están a sexual actor.
  • Terrorism. Many are the terrorist groups that have used social networks to show their propaganda to catch new unsuspecting people. One of the ways to cut off these groups’ propaganda channels is to prohibit them from being contained.
  • Armas de fuego. In relation to the above, despite the fact that in some states of the United States it is common practice to carry firearms, if we publish this type of content, we will have a series of problems.
  • dope. All images that show people taking drugs, consuming or showing them, the algorithm will automatically eliminate them from the platform without any type of prior notice.


  • Suicide and self-harm. The content that invites users to self-harm or that shows images related to this act will also end up being eliminated by the algorithm that supervises all of the content that is published.
  • Bullying and harassment. El coso escolar entre los más jóvenes es, desgraciadamente, something very usual in educational environments among the más jóvenes, un type of content que tampoco está permitido.
  • Violent content. Images where implicit violence is shown are also not allowed on this social network, including images that show bleeding wounds.
  • Animal abuse. Any type of image that shows animals that are being abused or exploited in any way does not have a place on Facebook.
  • Incitement to hate. Just as violent content is prohibited on Facebook, the incitement to hatred of other people based on their race or religion is also treated very harshly in the Meta group.

The algorithm that supervises the guidelines is not perfect and in certain cases, it may not detect the content correctly and may not censor it or confuse it with something inappropriate. If we encounter a problem of this type, we can send a request to Facebook so that a person checks the published image and its validity.

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